Practices, Games & Competition


Practice begins on July 24th at Joe Fosina, Field from 5pm to 7pm Monday to Friday thru the month of August. After Labor Day, the practice schedule from September through December is three time per week Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Practice days, times and locations are subject to change throughout the season. The head coach/team mom of each team will provide his players with a practice schedule or check our web-site at Cheerleaders must be dropped off at practice on time and parents are expected to arrive to pick them up their 15 minutes before the end of each practice. Cheerleaders must be in the appropriate practice attire. No Jewelry. Hair pulled back away from their face in a ponytail. Included in this season paid in full registration is a FREE Practice shorts/tops, additional attire will be available for purchase.


When the football season starts in September, the games are played on Sundays. Game times will be distributed during the week preceding each game. Games may be played as early as 8:00 a.m. and as late as 4:00 p.m. Parents are responsible for having their children there at least one hour before game time and provide transportation home immediately following the game. Attending all games is mandatory. Cheerleaders are expected to cheer every Sunday at their football game. It will be determined that any cheerleader who chooses to end their season after county competition and does not attend the additional games and practice, has quit and she will be removed from the roster and will not be honored at the awards dinner.

The possibility exists that a team may be involved in post-season cheer, up to and including through July 31 st of the following year. If, in fact a team makes the Regional level of play, they may have the opportunity to attend Nationals in Florida. Nationals will take place first week of December. The dates will vary based on the team you are representing.


The cheerleaders participate in a County competition in October; if they place 1st, 2nd, and sometimes 3rd, they will earn a spot to compete at the Eastern Regional Championships which may require a hotel stay. Placing 1st or 2nd will automatically send your team to Nationals in December, Florida. All expenses are your responsibility. The league will do their best along with your participation to fundraise in an attempt to defer any costs that may be incurred for the participant moving on to represent NRTYL and the Eastern Region at Nationals.