Frequently Asked Questions

We as adults set an example that the children participating in the program will follow. The following code of ethics is to be adhered to by all adults:

What are the general rules/policies for practice and during games?

  • Refunds will be given to those that cancel prior to equipment distribution. Minus a $25 admin fee.
  • No child will be permitted to practice that has not turned in a completed physical form, full report card, birth certificate, and completed registration form.
  • No smoking/tobacco products of any kind on practice fields.
  • No drug or alcohol use or possession at any NRYTL practice, game or function.
  • No littering. We won’t have any facilities to use if we don’t take care of them!
  • Non-participating children must be supervised at all times and must not become a distraction to the teams/squads.
  • No pets at any practices or games.
  • Parents must stay in designated areas and are not permitted inside the practice/game areas.
  • Refrain from sideline coaching. Let the coaching staff, approved by the board, do their job.
  • Do not criticize the coaches, players or cheerleaders on our own or opposing teams by word of mouth or gesture. Cheer for our team rather than against our opponents.
  • Accept the decision of game officials as being fair and being called to the best of their ability.
  • Occasionally you may disagree with the way the organization is managed or the way your child is coached. As a member of the NRYTL your opinion is important. If you have suggestions for improvements let them be known at a board meeting. The board’s meeting schedule is always updated own the official NRYTL Calendar.
  • Sideline gossip does nothing constructive for the children. If you disagree with the way your child’s coach is handling the team or your child, you should take the following steps:
    Speak to the coach privately. This step resolves most disagreements. If you are not satisfied with the coach’s response, speak to your team’s Board Representative, the Board Member on Duty, your respective VP of Football/Cheer or another Board Member. If the dispute remains unsolved, bring your issues to the next regularly scheduled board meeting.